The Cross & the Crescent

Hosted by Pastor Joseph

Jesus or Muhammad

Christian apologists expose false religions and cults which deny the Trinity.

Debate Night

We provide a platform where Christians can dialog with Muslims and defend their faith.

Investigating the Qur'an

Christianity, Islam,

and America

Colliding World Views

Bridging the G.A.P.

Islam & the News

Hosted by Dr. Tony Costa

Dr. Jay Smith and Tony Gurule

The 10/40 window

Discipleship Project 2021


December 2020 Apologetics Marathon Shows

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is science compatible with christian the
islam in the usa.JPG

Is science compatible with Christian theism?

Islam in the USA

the first and the last adam.JPG

The First and the Last Adam

the demise of the quran.JPG

The Demise of the Qur'an in 2020

islam is a heresy.JPG
does the bible predict the coming of muh

Islam IS a Heresy!

Does the Bible predict the coming of Muhammad?


Sharing the Truth


Confronting Error

Revealing the truth about Sharia

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Defending the Truth

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