Election Devotional # 4

By Pastor Vance Walker

We are very close to the mid-term elections here in America and the spiritual and cultural future of our country is at stake. God is calling the church to do two things, pray for the welfare of our nation and then play our role in answer to that prayer by voting to put a stop to the progressive agenda. Christian, we are at war with Satan for the souls of men who are ignorant of spiritual truths and voting is our spiritual warfare so that we can continue to proclaim the gospel to those who need to be saved. To not pray and vote is sin against God who put our constitutional right to vote in place. Please join ABN’s pre-election prayer marathon asking God to intervene and change the course of our nation for His glory and then vote early or on November 8th.


Dear partners, our fellow workers with the Lord, ABN is deeply grateful to God and to you for your faithfulness to ABN over the past 17 years. You have been making an eternal difference in the lives of many people in the Middle East, the 10/40 window and around the world. The full extent of our ministry together will not be fully known until missions is over and the end of the age has come.


ABN is excited that together, we are reaching these nations in their languages right where they live. This is occurring because we have expanded our platforms over the past ten years to include three TV satellites, digital platforms such as Apple TV, Fire TV, MI TV, Istar TV, Roku TV, podcasts, social media, streaming channels, and live web streaming in in the thirty most spoken languages on the globe.


We have accomplished all of this together so that “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the seas.” Habakkuk 2:14. Thank you for your giving and God bless you all this holiday season and in 2023, amen.