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  • Bassim Gorial

What is Grace

Imagine you are driving your 2008 Chevy Impala down the road. When you decided to look down to respond to a text from your babysitter that you are coming home to relieve her from her post. While looking down you do not realize that your car has moved from its lane, and you drive straight into a 2022 Mercedes G-Class. You get out of the car, in utter fear. Shaking of what the other driver is going to say. Knowing that you have bills at home, a child with medical expenses, and a mortgage that is not going to pay itself. And now you have to pay for the damages that you just caused on this Mercedes. As you approach the driver to see if they’re okay you see that they are smiling in an abnormally ecstatic way. You get closer and you hear them say “Hello Sir are you okay?” and you think to yourself why this person is asking me if I am okay when I was the one that hit them and caused horrible damages to their car? in a shaky scared voice you answer “I am fine, sir. I am so sorry. I do not know what happened, are you okay?” and the driver answers “yes, I am fine.” When you offer to pay for the damages that the vehicle acquired during the crash and any medical bills that the other drive might have obtained, he stops you and says “no”. He takes your car to the mechanic pays for the repairs. But not only that, he does not stop there. He pays your bills that you were worried about, pays your child’s medical expenses, pays off your mortgage in full and offers to buy you a new car since yours was old.

This illustration is what Grace is. Grace is the Gods limitless favor towards us. When we do not deserve it, He gives it abundantly. You see, He not only gives us Grace but Mercy as well. Mercy would have been simply just saying do not worry about paying back the damage’s that you caused my car. But Grace, is the driver saying do not worry about the damages, paying for your car, paying your bills and giving you extra money. This is the exact Grace the Lord offers us. Although we sin, forsake him, drive the nails in his wrists deeper and deeper every day, He offers this unfathomable grave to us still. No human will ever be able to comparand God’s goodness towards us.

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